Auto Debit for HOA Dues is now done through Appfolio.  To activate your portal, please send an email to: and include your address in the subject heading.

As of July 1, 2023, dues are sent to First Citizens / CIT Bank

You can also pay by check, which should be made payable to Big Sky HOA and checks should be sent to Big Sky HOA at PO Box 98430 , Phoenix, AZ 85038-0430.  This address will be printed on the tear-off coupon that you send with your check.

Big Sky HOA

PO Box 98430

Phoenix, AZ 85038-0430

The board approved revisions to the billing statements in July 2017 to reflect that the dues payments are due on the 1st of every month and late if not received by the last day of each month.  This amounts to a 30/31 day grace period (except for February).  Note: the statements are printed on/or about the 3rd of each month.

Another option for automatic payments: Owners can set up the payments through their bank’s online bill-pay service just like they would with any other payee (i.e., credit card payment, utilities, cable/satellite, cell phone, etc.).  Owners just need to put the payee as Big Sky HOA with the bank’s address (PO Box 98430, Phoenix, AZ 85038-0430) and then the homeowner account number must be entered where specified.  It will be on the statement as GMBK-00-XXX-X.  Then the specific payment date can be entered.  Most banks mail a check to the HOA’s bank on the homeowner's behalf, so homeowners should schedule the payment to arrive at least 7 days before month-end so as to avoid late fees.

If you have any billing questions, please feel free to call or e-mail GM Management, 805 526-0303 ext. 6,