GM Management is the property manager for Big Sky:

John Snee
40 W. Easy Street Unit 1
Simi Valley, Ca 93065
(805) 526-0303 ext. 3

Groundskeepers: Gothic Management

Branch and Account Manager - Kerry King

Maintenance Schedule:
Monday - Tioga and The Bluffs
Tuesday - Highlands, Crosspointe, and Windstone
Wednesday - Plum Creek/Walnut Grove
Thursday - Maintain the Center Medians
Friday - Castlewood and Glenmeadow

Landscape and/or Irrigation Problem Reporting

Mondays through Fridays (9am to 5pm), please report any Landscape or irrigation problems detected to GM Management:

Phone: (805) 526-0303 ext 3
Fax:     (805) 856-2200
  • For after hours EMERGENCIES, please contact John Snee at (805) 404 5166.