Paint Color Codes

Windstone Colors                 Windstone Sequence Sheet

Tioga Colors                       Tioga Sequence Sheet

Castlewood Colors                 Castlewood Sequence Sheet

Crosspoint Colors                 Crosspoint Sequence


Wrought Iron Fences:

The original paint used by the builder was Frazee brand, and the color is Strong Hunter. # AC092N. Dunn Edwards has a matching color called Enchanting Ivy # DEA179. Other paint stores, such as Home Depot or Lowe's should also be able to match those color codes. Whichever brand you choose, it is recommended that you use their Rust-Oleum equivalent paint

For home exterior color, the builders would not cooperate and provide us with the paint colors. Dunn Edwards, on Easy Street. provided the original paint, but the colors are no longer made under the same names. They may have records to look it up. If not, they can match the colors. Dunn offers a 37% discount. Use discount code 188525-000.  Also, Frazee paints has most of our tract colors on file. They are located on LA Ave. at Sinaloa.

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